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Maverick: Quid Pro Quo
Maverick - Quid Pro Quo CD Album Review

Maverick: Quid Pro Quo

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Naming your band Maverick would suggest certain connotations: the lone dissenter, a rebellious spirit, or an iconoclastic nonconformist. Perhaps, put into the context of modern rock music, all these would fit as Maverick is essentially reviving classic hard rock and heavy metal in Northern Ireland. Yet from their country to the innards of Europe to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, rock is alive. Not so much in America. Cripes. Our mindless citizens, in one week, bought 1.3 million copies of Taylor Swift's latest 1989. Idiots.

Maverick Quid Pro Quo Band Photo


The music of Quid Pro Quo, their debut album, is straight out of the Eighties, what made it famous. Melodic hard rock with a metal edge, big on riffs, guitar dueling in large solos, as much groove as can be mustered, catchy refrains, and gang vocals. As said in their song In Our Blood, rock n roll's the thing. Most times it works quite well.

Blistering guitars and groove drive Rock n Roll Lady. Got It Bad turns on the accessibility of classic AOR from it's melody, groove, and smooth vocal arrangement. It's radio-friendly fodder. One More Day captures some more of this, again within a quite catchy chorus, and the guitar solo soars. Paint By Numbers steals a page from Aerosmith, adding some shuffle and a feel of latent blues. Alternatively, in the latter third of the album things begin to sound familiar, and requires some patience to distinguish the difference between Shackled and Last Addiction. The riffage, pace, and arrangement is suspiciously similar, but yet different. While hardly dull songs, I can definitely state that I favored the front two-thirds of this album.

All this is to say that Quid Pro Quo is solid start for Maverick, displaying their talent for writing and playing classic melodic hard rock with a metal groove. But the album art is basically horrid; who approved this? Otherwise, recommended.

MAVERICK - Paint By Numbers - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Quid Pro Quo is solid start for Maverick, displaying their talent for writing and playing classic melodic hard rock with a metal groove. Recommended.

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