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Margin: Psychedelic Teatime
Margin Psychedelic Teatime CD Album Review

Margin: Psychedelic Teatime

Melodic Progressive Rock

Formed only several years ago, Margin is the creation of composer and multi-instrumentalist Lutz Meinert. Performing vocals, keyboards, and drums, he recorded two albums with another obscure German progressive rock band For Your Pleasure. With Psychedelic Teatime, his first album, Meinert composed all songs and, with the exceptions of some help from his wife Carola and guitarist Arne Spekat on a few numbers, played every instrument.

Margin Psychedelic Teatime Photo

Margin:: Lutz Meinert.

Given the title of the album and various references in PR material, Margin is being pitched as psychedelic progressive rock. Maybe so. It depends on your definition. There's some wispy, mildly oddball, keyboards here and there. But they remind more of light space rock. I guess that could be considered psychedelic in a broad stroke.

Mostly, the album and music remind me of Seventies melodic progressive rock of the UK variety. It's light, and has this ethereal airy atmosphere to it. It's also has a happy, bouncy, feeling at times notably with Psychedelic Underground The Short Version and The Long Version. The core of the music also seems to revolve around Meinert's two principle instruments, drum and keyboards; guitars are nearly passive, seeming only for texture or atmosphere. In some sense, this treatment makes the music slightly lopsided in focus.

Several reviews, elsewhere, have made some references to Pink Floyd. I'm not sure if they've either listened to Pink Floyd or this album when they made their comments. Any person with a desire to create classic melodic prog rock, will obviously make some nod to Floyd and Caravan, Genesis, King Crimson, and others. However, this being true, I don't think that's what Meinert is going for with his music. Basically, Psychedelic Teatime sounds like music he made for himself, what he would enjoy listening to on most any occasion, and that's not a bad thing. The real question may be, Are the arrangements twisted and perplexing enough to be truly considered 'progressive' rock? I'm not sure. But others can take up that issue for themselves, and debate until twilight. If you like light melodic rock, with some prog rock nuances, and built mostly upon keyboards and drums, Psychedelic Teatime might be worth your time. For Meinert, he should be pleased with his creation.

Margin - Psychedelic Teatime - Official Album Teaser - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

If you like light melodic rock, with some prog rock nuances, and built mostly upon keyboards and drums, Psychedelic Teatime might be worth your time.

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