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Leatherwolf: Unchained Live
Leatherwolf - Unchained Live CD Album Review

Leatherwolf: Unchained Live

Heavy/Power Metal

Honestly, I didn't realize California's Leatherwolf was still around. If you remember or know them you might just be fifty-something like me. Back in the day, way back, like 1981, Leatherwolf played gigs with future heavyweights Metallica and Slayer, found label interest and, before others, pioneered the three guitar leads in heavy metal, earning them the nickname 'Triple Axe Attack.' (Country rock legends The Outlaws had them beat before this with their 'Guitar Army' with four, and sometimes five, players.)

Leatherwolf - Unchained Live Band Photo

Leatherwolf: some leather, no wolf.

Unchained Live is exactly what you would think it is, a live recording of the band, and it's a good sounding one to boot. This likely due to having legendary producer Roy Z turning the knobs in the mixing booth. Although, sometimes things sound to crisp, to clear, like auto-tuning meticulous.

The set list includes favorites from the first three albums of the Eighties, including The Calling and Hideaway which were MTV video singles. Other notable tracks are Dr. Wicked, Wicked Ways, and Spiter. Of course, every song loads up on lots guitars, massive riffage and terrific leads. Leatherwolf's metal can only be described as guitar-driven heavy/power metal. One oddity about this concert is that Michael Olivieri has little interaction with the crowd, at least from what I could hear.

While all this makes for notable comeback and fine presentation for the band, and that's a good thing, it does raise one question. In the age of digital, surround sound, big screen televisions, and DVD, why didn't the band this concert on film. Hey, I like live albums as much as the next guy (I did grow up in the 70's and 80's, the golden age of live albums), but I have all that aforementioned stuff. Simply seems to make sense to cut a DVD. Otherwise, Leatherwolf's Unchained Live is easily recommended.

Leatherwolf - Dr. Wicked (RX O.D.) Official video - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Seminal pioneers of California heavy metal in the Eighties, Leatherwolf plays their greatest hits live on Unchained Live.

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