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Elvenking: The Pagan Manifesto
Elvenking The Pagan Manifesto CD Album Review

Elvenking: The Pagan Manifesto

Melodic/Folk/Power Metal

Expect more elvish tales and pagan geekery with The Pagan Manifesto from Italy's Elvenking. The band are second generation folk power metal band following England's Skylad, where the influences are glaring.

Elvenking The Pagan Manifesto Band Photo

Elvenking: creative face paint.

But the band knows their craft, easily blending power metal with some symphonic elements. I think there's something in the water in Italy that makes all power metal bands to go bombastic with some organic or synth orchestration. Yet the greater accents or features of Elvenking are those folk elements, with violin, acoustic guitar, flutes or pipes of some such.

But the metal can be flailing and aggressive as with Withes Gather, Black Roses for the Wicked One, Moonbeam Stone Circle or Pagan Revolution, where the folk stuff gets throttled a bit. Alternatively, with Towards The Shores, the folk side, especially acoustic guitar, pipes, and violin form the bulk of the arrangement. Where the power and folk metal share space within a song the balance tends to lean more to power metal. This is notable in Twilight of Magic and the massive King of the Elves, which features Amanda Somerfille (Avantasia, Kiske/Somerville). More elvish geekery comes with Elvenlegions, mostly straight power metal with slight violin and pipes at the end.

Frankly, what you get from The Pagan Manifesto is exactly what you would expect from Elvenking. While they certainly don't break any new ground, as said before, they certainly know their chosen genre. More of the same isn't always a bad thing.

Elvenking - Elvenlegions - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

What you get from The Pagan Manifesto is exactly what you would expect from Elvenking. More of the same isn't always a bad thing.

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