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Vigilance: Queen of the Midnight Fire
Vigilance Queen of the Midnight Fire Review

Vigilance: Queen of the Midnight Fire

(Classic) Heavy/Speed Metal

Tucked between Austria and Croatia, and east of Italy, is the small country of Slovenia, the home of Vigilance an old school heavy metal band. These youngsters play a form of classic heavy and speed metal born in the early Eighties, well before they were even born.

Vigilance:: preview video.

But somehow these dudes stole their fathers' record collection and burned the midnight oil crafting some classic metal for their debut album, Queen of the Midnight Fire. Frankly, Vigilance is pretty darn good at it, too. They bring together heaviness, speed, and melody with relative ease, throw in some blistering guitar solos and primal screams, for their metal.

Besides the decent songwriting, this crew can play quite well. Tine Kaluza's drum work, as on Ritual of Death by example, is particularly thundering and entertaining. Additionally, and surprisingly, the production is also well done: crisp and accurate without sounding overly sanitized like coming from a Nashville studio. You can hear this particularly in recording of the bass and drums. Finally, and perhaps the band and this album's strength, is that all these elements prove determination and consistency. Vigilance sticks to what the love and deliver some very good classic heavy metal, and that's a good thing. Top tracks: Queen of the Midnight Fire, What Lies Beyond, Four Crowns of Hell, and Ritual of Death. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Simply, with Queen of the Midnight Fire, Slovenia's Vigilance delivers some very good melodic heavy and speed metal in the best classic tradition.

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