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Vietcong Pornsurfers: We Spread Diseases
Vietcong Pornsurfers - We Spread Diseases Album Review

Vietcong Pornsurfers: We Spread Diseases

Glam/Sleaze/Punk Rock

Before pressing on to the music, let's take a moment to dissect the band name and album title. First, the band from Sweden culls their name from the internal Communist insurgents who conquered South Vietnam. The second half of their name raises some interesting suspicions. When not playing music it appears these boys take in their share of Internet adult entertainment, and probably shine their collective German helmets because they can't get laid. Then, according to their album title, when they do get laid, they happily spread their share of STDs. I suspect both the band name and album title should by taken with tongue-in-cheek seriousness just as this paragraph should be taken as parody.

Vietcong Pornsurfers We Spread Diseases Band Photo

Vietcong Pornsurfers: it says so right there.

Having had my fun, it's on to the music then. Essentially, Vietcong Pornsurfers walk in the strong tradition, and revival, of Scandi sleaze and glam rock from the last decade or more. (You probably figured that out from the band photo.) Their music is stripped down and brief, often speedy, with most every song clocking in at around two and a half minutes. The music is also fundamentally rock and roll, only embellished by the nuances of glam, sleaze, punk. VP could easily pass in any of these circles. Listening to I Hate Your Band, maybe even Diseases, played or arranged a little differently, the Surfers could venture into rockabilly punk.

Generally, the songs are lively, filled with lots of groove and great riffs, some burning solos, good melodies and hooks, and surprisingly good vocal arrangements. When these come together VP are dead on and quite the good rock n roll band. Songs like Self Destructive, Just Another Crime, Dead Track, along with the aforementioned I Hate Your Band, are only a few songs where this formula works. The real question is whether Vietcong Pornsurfers are bringing something new to the table. While the sound is not necessarily novel, others are doing it as well, VP has the talent and enthusiasm to create some very catchy, and varied, material. If they stay on this path, their future is wide open.

Vietcong Pornsurfers - Diseases - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With We Spread Diseases, Vietcong Pornsurfers up the ante in the Scandi sleaze punk scene with their skill and enthusiasm to create good rock tunes.

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