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Trucker Diablo: Songs of Iron
Trucker Diablo - Songs of Iron Review

Trucker Diablo: Songs of Iron

(Melodic) Heavy Rock/Metal

Rumbling out Ireland like a fully loaded Peterbuilt eighteen-wheeler running at full speed is Trucker Diablo with their second album Songs of Iron. It's a fitting title, really, for their brand of melodic heavy rock with a definite metal edge.

Trucker Diablo Band Photo

Trucker Diablo:: rockin' out.

Basically, Trucker Diablo jumps in the ring with you and pulls no punches from the start. Their sound remains the same, a southern tinged modern heavy rock that sometimes reminds of a mixture of AC/DC, Kiss, ZZ Top, and Nickelback (notably on The Rebel). But Trucker Diablo would kick Nickelback's pearly white asses everyday of the week, and twice on Sundays.

While consistency reigns on Songs of Iron, it can be Trucker Diablo's Achilles' heel. There's a certain familiarity to a greater part of this album, especially through the first seven or eight songs. These songs vary, yet excepting The Rebel and maybe Year of the Truck they seem to run together. A second spin is definitely necessary to appreciate them and the nuances. But beginning with Maybe You're the One, the closest thing to a heavy rock ballad or anthem, Trucker Diablo lights up your stereo. Bulldozer, Rock Hallelujah, Shame On, and I Wanna Party With You become the spark that burns the woofers in your speakers thanks to the catchy melodic rock groove that informs Diablo's heavy side. This is the stuff that makes Trucker Diablo such a dominating and formidable rock as they pummel everybody on their way to the stage at the next festival. A final important note of interest is the simple fact that you get 14 songs and over an hour's worth of their heavy rock. Now there's a sign of loyalty and appreciation to their fans.

Trucker Diablo: The Rebel (Official Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Get out of the way. Here comes Trucker Diablo with another album of non-stop melodic heavy rock to blow out your speakers.

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