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Surgeon: Chemical Reign
Surgeon Chemical Reign Review

Surgeon: Chemical Reign

Modern Heavy/Progressive Metal

I'm always encouraged when I receive news about or submission for review from a band from my native state Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia comes Surgeon with the their second long player, Chemical Reign. They're a power trio, of sorts, featuring a quite talented female guitarist, Lydia Giordano.

Surgeon Band Photo

Surgeon:: in shadows.

They call their music progressive metal, and that fits if you're willing to accept that their prog is more an amalgam of styles than an exercise in excessive technical arrangements. The music is definitely heavy metal, but could also pass for heavy rock at times. You can probably than through in a gamut of other styles from stoner to doom to NWOBHM metal. Chemical Reign is definitely dark and dense, heavy and pummeling.

Yet the album also shows some spirited creativity. Heaviness, formed by chunky chords, thumping bass lines, and narly drumming, may be the thread that holds the songs together, but there's definitely variation and innovation between songs. Then you have Giordano's mighty impressive and haunting guitar lines which weave their way through every song. They catch you by surprise because of how well they fit the tenor of the song. Good examples come in Chemical Reign, Greed, and Tomorrow. The surprising song on the album is likely Watching You. Surgeon takes their heaviness and applies a genuine catchy rock groove and chorus. If any song is worthy of a 'single' release this would be the one. Chemical Reign is surprising and entertaining album, and worthy of your attention. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Surgeon's Chemical Reign offers some heavier progressive metal formed from a variety of styles for a surprisingly entertaining listen.

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