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Nightglow: We Rise
Nightglow - We Rise Review

Nightglow: We Rise

Heavy/Power Metal

Taking cues from classic Eighties metal, here's another band that began as a cover band, Italy's Nightglow. But for this band it was not enough to be just any cover band. No, they decided to be a Manowar cover band, and became the first officially recognized Manowar tribute band in Italy and Europe. So is there debut album of original songs, We Rise, simply another Manowar clone manifestation? Not exactly.

Nightglow Band Photo

Nightglow: tearing it up live.

We Rise basically turns on that Eighties heavy metal premise, perhaps a bit heavier. You can hear Manowar, but more so a range from Metallica to Iron Maiden to Gammaray and more. Essentially, Nightglow has the basic heavy power metal genre in hand.

They've got the thunder and speed, notable in the powerful rhythm section and, of course, strong lead guitar work. However, it's not clear if this a twin lead guitar attack, something noteworthy and traditional of the classic Eighties metal style. The songs are certainly driven by these two elements. Adding strong song arrangements, the music propels Nightglow's We Rise.

The wild card, however, is in the vocals of Daniele Abate. He has a strong presence, probably his best attribute. Conversely he has a raw aggressive style that nearly muffles all melodic qualities. Also, as much as Nightglow says that they eschew modern metal trends, listening to songs like Time Lord, Don't Cry, or Between Heaven & Hell, for example, Abate nears modern screamo or hardcore vocals. There's some redemption for him in a song such as Dreamland or maybe End of Time, where his vocals mellow at the end, but generally he's over the top and definitely an acquired taste. Nevertheless, as I said earlier, the strength of Nightglow is in their music: this is exceptionally strong heavier power metal that delivers the headbanging goods. Recommended.

Nightglow: We Rise - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

The strength of Nightglow is in their music: this is exceptionally strong heavier melodic power metal that delivers the headbanging goods with a powerful rhythm section and ripping guitar solos. Recommended.

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