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Coven 13: Destiny of the Gods
Coven 13 Destiny of the Gods Album CD Review

Coven 13: Destiny of the Gods

Heavy/Doom Metal

The recently reunited Coven 13 returns with their first album of new material in 26 years, Destiny of the Gods on Shadow Kingdom Records. The label reissued 1987's Worship New Gods last year, and you can read my review here. Some of what was said there might apply to this new recording.

Coven 13 Destiny of the Gods Band Photo

Coven 13: live.

They call their brand of metal Detroit nordic doom metal, but don't expect a lot of slow slogging tunes here. The tempos of most songs are rather quick, something not necessarily associated with doom metal. Two of the slowest could be Winds of Revelation and Walpurgisnacht, but even these have some pep. Conversely, She Rides the Dawn and Frost Giants cruise along like speed metal.

But the songs do have that heavy foreboding feel that fits the genre. As said of Worship New Gods, Coven 13 sounds like a mixture of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath with a dash of Candlemass which can give some songs that epic heavy/doom metal feeling. Elfstone and Solitary Days certainly approach that characteristic. Most every song gets some zest from strong, traditional, metal guitar solos, and David Landrum's can be deep and raging all at the same time. If you're looking for a new twist on classic 'doom' and heavy metal, you should check out Coven 13's Destiny of the Gods. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

If you're looking a new twist on classic 'doom' and heavy metal, you should check out Coven 13's Destiny of the Gods.

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