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Coldspell: Frozen Paradise
Coldspell - Frozen Paradise Album CD Review

Coldspell: Frozen Paradise

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

What's that saying? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sweden's Coldspell returns with their third long player, Frozen Paradise, to deliver melodic hard rock with a metal edge.

Coldspell Frozen Paradise Band Photo

Coldspell: chilly.

I really wanted to say that there was something new here. But Coldspell is sticking to their formula. And that's not a bad thing for the band. If anything, their approach is more aggressive, more focused on the goal. That goal is basically a big blistering sound, turning on a rock groove and hooks, metal heaviness from a sturdy rhythm section, and large amounts of riffage and guitar solos.

When this works, Coldspell sounds great, nearly invincible in their purpose. Paradise, Life 2 Live, On The Run, and Soldiers are all songs with this well-balanced formula. However, across the album, there's a single recurring theme, and that's Coldspell crafting every song to be heavier melodic hard rock. Some songs simply turn on this like Life Has Just Begun or Angel of the World, which thumps along. This makes this album no different than their previous: it's Out From The Cold Part 2. But that's the point made from the start. Alternatively, on the positive side, also alluded to above, Coldspell has found their groove, is working their mojo, and there's no turning back. Give them high marks for being consistent and constant. When their game is on, look out. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Sticking with their tried and true formula, Coldspell delivers another album of aggressive heavier melodic hard rock. Why modify the ship when you simply polish the chrome?

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