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Torso: Inside
Torso Inside Review

Torso: Inside

Heavy/Stoner Rock

I look at the band photo and think, these guys look to young to be influenced by 70's psychedelic rock. But Vienna's Torso blends that sound with a good ol' fashioned stoner vibe for interesting results.

Torso Photo

Torso: four of them, with legs and heads.

The early incarnation of Torso was a three-piece band basically doing the same as 50 minute shoe gaze jam instrumentals. Now a four piece with vocal arrangements, you get that but in shorter form. There's lots Seventies heavy rock, mostly psychedelic, sometimes space rock, with lots of groove, fuzz, and long instrumental segues and solos.

Sometimes they remind me of the more experimental psychedelic side of The Doors, especially on the title track. Other times they're just just trippy as on Haunting Witches or groovy as on One. Throughout, guitarist Michael Jandrisevits coaxes provocative sounds from his guitar that echoes a strange blend of Robby Kreiger, Frank Marino, and Robert Fripp.

Largely, every song is different with interesting facets to set them apart from each other. However, even the best jam band can get bogged down in an arrangement, and that's what you get with the largely disappointing Voice. Nevertheless, Inside is solid modern, Seventies influenced, psychedelic and stoner rock. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Inside is solid modern, Seventies influenced, psychedelic and stoner rock. Recommended.

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