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Johnson, Rob: Throw the Sun into the Sea
Rob Johnson Throw the Sun into the Sea Review

Johnson, Rob: Throw the Sun into the ...

Instrumental Melodic/Progressive Rock
Rob Johnson Band Photo

Rob Johnson: sucks at hide and seek.

Here's what I like about Rob Johnson's music: it's delightful and pleasant, intriguing and entertaining, sweet and soothing. I listen to my share of music all day, from hard rock to heavy metal, from thrash to power metal. Sometimes it gets all too much, too much intensity. Sometimes, I need to wind down and relax. Johnson's music allows me to do that, yet without neglecting, or sacrificing, creativity and genuine listening satisfaction. I guess I could end my review here with those comments.

Flush with talent and creativity, Johnson, beginning with his acoustic guitar work and synthesizers, weaves his music into a tapestry of texture and ambience. The delight and intrigue he creates within The Wasp and the Flame, Throw the Sun, or Anchors Hold On to Hope, by example, is sublime, a nearly intangible subtlety that he masters with aplomb. Sometimes, in this ethereal mix, Johnson get rambunctious as within Into the Sea or the closer The Be All and the End All, but it's not without purpose, so it fits.

Throw the Sun into the Sea is a short album, barely 31 minutes in length. But brevity only disguises Johnson's clever efficiency and ingenuity. Quite recommended.

In Short

Once more, Rob Johnson weaves a tapestry of lush and ambient instrumental prog rock, delightful music to soothe the most restless of souls.

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