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Moss, Mike: Cold World Plastic Dream
Mike Moss Cold World Plastic Dream Review

Moss, Mike: Cold World Plastic Dream

Indie Melodic Rock

Here's Mike Moss, an aspiring singer-songwriter from England, and Cold World Plastic Dream is his first album. Other information is a little sketchy. Obviously, he's the singer, but whether he plays any instruments, there's no indication.

Mike Moss Photo

Mike Moss: in the shadows.

Regardless, Moss's music is both conventional and atypical of modern pop sounds. Generally this is rock marked by strong melodic lines and Moss's distinctive and pleasing vocals and vocal arrangements. Songs revolve around his voice and lyrics, but are built often from piano, sometimes acoustic guitar. But if this is the conventional, the atypical is that he doesn't necessarily mimic current trends. The songs are individually unique, even playful with genres. Yet, having said that, this only makes him fit the whole indie and alt rock category. Does he return to being conventional? Good question.

Some songs simply have a seriously laid back, emotionally blissful, feel. Too Early for This and Only Lies are certain examples. The latter also displays the depth of Moss's vocal style. Moss also shows his inherent knack for pop accessibility. It's Time, Emotion Machine, and possibly Drifter have radio-friendly, please the masses, excitement.

Ultimately, like any singer-songwriter, Moss wants to express himself and his very personal expression of his musical style. Cold World Plastic Dream finds him wearing his music, and heart, on his sleeve. This is fine music, and you can probably expect more and greater things in the future from Mike Moss.

In Short

Singer-songwriter Mike Moss offers his first album, Cold World Plastic Dream, an entertaining work that showcases his pleasing vocal style and genre defying mash up.

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