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Ivory Moon: Dark Time
Ivory Moon Dark Time Review

Ivory Moon: Dark Time

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Italy's Ivory Moon returns after a five year recording absence to offer their third release, Dark Time. In that time period, the band has added a new female lead singer, Gabriella Aleo, to their vocal tandem which also includes Sandro Manicone.

Ivory Moon Band Photo

Ivory Moon: what is that dude pointing at?

Typical of the genre, Aleo adds an operatic style made common by other female singers in similar bands. Also, typical of Ivory Moon is their propensity for symphonic, even epic at times, power metal in the European tradition in general, and the Italian style, specifically.

The arrangements are large, offering the Aleo-Manicone duo of soaring vocals, power metal swiftness, lots of orchestral keyboards, and uplifting guitar solos. It's all the stuff that makes fans of European symphonic metal power metal drool.

For the more epic side of Ivory Moon's power metal look to New World Order, New Horizons, Apocalypse, or the Merchant of Venice. They band keeps the pace and heaviness consistent throughout so there are no real metal ballads. However, Away and Endless have more an anthem feel within the rushing power metal. Of particular interest is the song Darkness which blends the power metal with a nice rock grove, giving it real popular appeal and accessibility. They could release it as a single.

Dark Time is a fine return for Ivory Moon, although some might likely say that the music within was expected. But there's much to be said for consistency, especially when your perform your chosen style quite well. Recommended.

In Short

Dark Time is a fine return for Ivory Moon, although some might likely say that the music within was expected.

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