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Ferreira: Better Run
Marco Ferriera Better Run new music review

Ferreira: Better Run

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Guitarist and songwriter Marco Ferreira has been busy over the last four years or so, perhaps too busy. Between his solo two projects and efforts with French band Venturia and American rockers Goodbye Thrill, he could be stretched too thin. On his third solo album, Better Run, Ferreira sounds lively and enthusiastic but, musically speaking, he seems to be treading water. There's nothing new here, but Better Run still shows Ferreira at the top of his game.

Frankly, I'm not sure how much there is to say here. Better Run is all good while conventional. For pure rockers, kudos go to Set My Devils Free and Crucified. More interesting is Knocking On My Door, which merges ballad with with melodic hard rock, and the unusual Rescue Me. Better Run is more clever, and Rule In Self has the best guitar solo from Mr. Ferreira. Others just didn't impress. This does not make Better Run bad just ordinary or, better, quizzical.

Perhaps my first spin was not enough, more may be necessary. Perhaps I expected more hooks or more ... whatever. Ultimately, I like what I heard, but I'm still unconvinced if Better Run is something that will last. I've got the feeling that, with repeated spins, I may change my mind about everything I said. Is that enough ambiguity or ambivalence for you? If not, I encourage you to listen for yourself. (Weird album cover art, also.) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

For me the verdict is out on Marco Ferreira's third solo project Better Run. Solid melodic hard rock? Absolutely. Something beyond past work? I'm not quite sure.

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