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Kissin' Dynamite: Addicted to Metal
Kissin' Dynamite Addicted to Metal new music review

Kissin' Dynamite: Addicted to Metal

Melodic Metal
Rating: 4.75/5.0

I wonder if Kissin' Dynamite's sophomore release Addicted to Metal is truly 'metal'? It's sound more like edgier, 'metalish,' melodic hard rock. One thing is for sure: the musical age they are echoing is definitely the roaring Eighties. Pinning down Kissin' Dynamite's sound could prove to be an exercise in futility. It's an amalgam of any and everything from the day, but probably excusing pure sleaze or glam. The same could be said for Johannes Braun's vocal style. If he reminds of anything it could be Axl blended with Udo (he guests on the title track), with a measure of Tobi. But Braun has greater range, and ultimately defies convention. Actually, he's quite good: he can sing, scream, and shriek with clarity like a every 'good' metal vocalist should do. They better not lose this guy.

Okay, on to the tunes. If there truly metal here, then it's the best of melodic heavy metal. For pure examples of this the title track, Supersonic Killer, and Metal Nation deliver the goods. Basically, Kissin' Dynamite blend the hooks and groove of melodic rock with a metal edge. But then they can be true metal as on In the Name of the Iron Fist, the heaviest song on the album. Then there are the ballads, hard rock, metal, otherwise, that kill. High Enough: is that Night Ranger or Damn Yankees? And Why Can't You Here Me is, simply, metal ballad at it's best. Still, there's plenty of cheese here, too. Assassins of Love and Metal Nation are enjoyable, and nearly hilarious. Nevertheless, Kissin' Dynamite's Addicted to Metal is sterling melodic metal, a true gem from past to present. Very recommended.

In Short

Kissin' Dynamite's Addicted to Metal is sterling melodic metal, a true gem from past to present. Very recommended.

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