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Edge of Forever: Another Paradise
Edge of Forever Another Paradise new music review

Edge of Forever: Another Paradise

Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 4.0/5.0

On their third release, Another Paradise, Italy's Edge of Forever comes back with some renovations and renewed energy. Most significant is the fact that keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio has stepped up to the microphone, and taken on the producing responsibilities. Some things, however, have not changed. Edge of Forever still delivers bold melodic hard rock, often with an obvious metal edge and a big arena sound. Clearly, with only a single listen, it's Del Vecchio who is at the helm and quite possibly the main focus on Another Paradise. His vocals, sounding somewhere near a Tobi Sammett and James Christian beating up on Jon Bon Jovi, and keyboards are clearly the focal point here. Fortunately, Del Vecchio is up to the task delivering with strength and versatility. He shines throughout, with I Won't Call You and Distant Voices being standouts.

As for the work as a whole, this is grand melodic hard rock with some ambitious and bombastic statements. What I've Never Seen, with ex-EOF singer Bob Harris on backing vocals, the aforementioned Edge of Life with Carsten Schulz, and the arena ready anthem I Won't Call you are ones to bring the house down. EOF gets a little heavier invoking more melodic metal on songs like Distant Voices, Edge of Life, and the closer Against the Wall. Great stuff that makes you want to crank the stereo to eleven.

As good as this disc is there are some sore points. My Revenge is a muddy mix of heavier rock with little appeal, and the god awful cover of Irene Cara's What a Feeling from the 80's dance movie Flashdance was a poor choice for a rock album. Somebody in the band needs either their ass kicked or given a double dose of Viagra after picking that one. It's a song for neutered wimps. Yet, with those exceptions, Edge of Forever's Another Paradise is a rip roaring example of highly entertaining European melodic hard rock, a solid effort from a talented band.

In Short

Edge of Forever's Another Paradise is a rip roaring example of highly entertaining European melodic hard rock, a solid effort from a talented band.

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